Introduction Video

Video Summary

UI Layout

  • Close the F1 help window
  • Basic movement: WASD key to move, F key to toggle fly, left to delete, hold right mouse button and move the mouse to change viewport
  • UI layout:
    • ESC key to bring up the system menu
    • E key to show builder window:
      • Pick a movie block, and a color block
      • In environment tab: toggle to shader 2
    • Quick launch bar: Mouse wheel to cycle through items on the bar
    • Press / to enter command in chat window
  • Show Help window (Ctrl + F1)
    • Demostrate bmax model creator very quickly
  • Load world window:
    • Browse hundreds of user created movie world. We are adding new ones each month.
    • Toggle view/edit mode in menu or by command.
    • Once you have mastered the basics of paracraft, the best way to learn is to view and study in other people’s worlds.

Create world/models with blocks

  • Left click to delete blocks
    • Shift+left click to delete blocks of the same type
  • Right click to create block with the block in hand
    • Shift+right click to create blocks in a line
  • Ctrl+left to select blocks
    • Ctrl+Shift+left click to select all blocks
  • Ctrl+Z to undo, Ctrl+Y to redo.
  • Ctrl+S to save. Do it regularly.
  • See all shortcut keys from help window::shortcut key
  • Select and move a group of blocks using manipulators
    • Save as block template file
    • load from template in builder window, or drag and drop files to the window

A quick preview of movie making

  • Quickly browse a few movie demos in Help window

A quick preview of NPL programming

  • Show some in-game commands/codes items using one of the movie demos
  • Show visual studio environment with NPL debugging
  • Show NPL code wiki
  • Paracraft is free and open source. Show github link from official website.
    • GPL license is granted to release your worlds as standalone app using ParacraftSDK.
    • LGPL license is granted to develop your own software with NPL (see

A quick introduction to our mission

  • For education:  a new way of autonomous learning of computer skills and languages.
  • Show in-game and in official website: hundreds of user created works in China, mainly from elementary and middle school students.
  • “Everyone should make a movie in its life” (in addition to text and drawings)

Looking for donation

  • It is a life-long project to me, and we are looking for donations from individuals, research and educational institutes.
  • If you like it, purchase our donation key to unlock some plugins (like importing minecraft worlds).
  • Android/iOS version of paracraft is available for free download, some features may be charged in future.
  • The PC version is always free and open source. Teachers can install and run it in school computers even without Internet connections.